Chief Executive Officer

As our Chief Executive Officer, Amy-Ruth brings extensive knowledge and experience to the role, having joined the MacDonald Group of companies in 2005. Prior to entering the role in 2017, Amy-Ruth had previously held key roles of Project Director and Strategic Relationships Manager on mega-projects such as WestConnex in NSW, as well as various other large projects across both Australia and the UK.

In addition to her work as a consultant for our Cost Engineering Division at MIEngineers, Amy-Ruth has also taken on the roles of Business Development Manager with sister company Benchmark Estimating Software (Australia) and was tasked with opening Benchmark Estimating in the UK, giving her a thorough, well-rounded understanding of the interconnected nature of our work and the opportunities for greater partnership within the group of companies.

Amy-Ruth’s work within the various stages of infrastructure projects has provided her with knowledge of the challenges faced by stakeholders, from decision makers to project delivery teams, driving her passion for providing high-quality consultancy services to government organisations and the private sector alike.

She prides herself on her ability to foster collaborative relationships and achieves fulfilment when our clients acknowledge their satisfaction with the work conducted for them by MIEngineers. Amy-Ruth is open and friendly, and loves speaking with our clients about how we can best serve them with our skilled teams and multi-disciplinary offerings.

Amy-Ruth’s passions lie in encouraging women in the construction industry, developing innovations in the fields of cost intelligence and construction services and supporting various community organisations locally and internationally. As an example, MIEngineers partnered with the Centre for Disability Studies to establish an internship program to provide students with an intellectual disability an opportunity to help develop their skills in the workplace.