Aged care

A well-established approach to the development of aged care facilities and retirement villages relieves pressures and alleviates the challenges on this fast-growing sector.

With an ageing population, the growing demand for retirement villages, aged care facilities and special needs accommodation presents exceptional opportunities which are not without specific challenges. Increased scrutiny, regulations and certification requirements demanded by multiple authorities, cost pressures and engaging specialist consultants requires an experienced, multi-disciplinary approach to ensure opportunities are fully realised. MIEngineers offers such an approach with specific sector experience, multi-services and a passionate team to revitalise and add value to your project.

Multi-Disciplinary Services. Aged Care Sector Expertise

In order to meet the growing demand for facilities, aged care providers need to develop a wide range of sites with varying terrains and soil classifications, site-specific requirements in regards to services while also satisfying market expectations in regard to design and aesthetics.

MIEngineers offers clients a range of multi-disciplinary services within the one firm to more easily deal with these multiple issues.

  • Civil engineering services to address stormwater Design for various terrains including steep slopes and the need for on-site detention (OSD)
  • Structural engineering services with exceptional experience in slab and footing Design for various soil classifications as well as sloped and filled sites
  • Certification expertise to ensure structural members match architectural requirements and aesthetic objectives
  • Hydraulic engineering services to deal with water and sewer issues, in particular where the existing mains are not conveniently located and therefore need the design of a pump station
  • Complete Project Management service which includes engaging and working with a range of consultants as required for your individual project, submitting DA and other submissions and tenders to council and other local government departments as well as dealing with the multiple authorities and regulatory bodies involved in the certification and approval of aged care projects

Relieving Pressures. Realising Opportunities

The qualities and features which are integral to our services, have been proven on many aged care projects to relieve the pressures and challenges faced by our clients so they can realise the full potential of the project.

  • Multi-disciplinary organisation with impressive resources both in personnel and software. Technical excellence combined with creative thinking to add value to your project.
  • Proven reputation, through experience, to establish and maintain mutually successful working relationships with many local government bodies, local councils and consultants in complementary fields.
  • Clear, open channels of communication between client and our team ensures smooth and streamlined process and ultimately deliver economical and efficient design.

Proven Capabilities. Impressive Project Portfolio

With over 30 years of experience, MIEngineers has earned its impressive reputation and built an equally impressive portfolio of aged care facilities and retirement villages for some of Australia’s most discerning providers including Illawarra Retirement Trust (IRT), Ingenia, Royal Freemason’s Benevolent Institution (RFBI), Uniting Care and Anglicare.


Contact MIEngineers for an obligation-free discussion on how our team will bring our well-established and well-proven approach to your aged care project.