Expediting the viability of commercial projects through a proven, end-to-end, multi-disciplinary service solution.

From developing tender issue documentation, through liaison with all relevant parties to providing both structural and civil design and project management, MIEngineers presents commercial project developers with an invaluable service offering. An end-to-end, multi-disciplinary approach, built on technical expertise and software and braced with a thorough and in-depth understanding of the complexities of diverse commercial projects.


Multi-Disciplinary Services. Broad Commercial Project Expertise

With expertise and experience acquired over 30 years, across the project spectrum - hotels, motels, food outlets, retail shops, office buildings, mixed-use, medium to high density residential, multi-level carparks – MIEngineers has specifically developed, multi-disciplinary services in an end-to-end solution to ensure viability and feasibility in the development of commercial projects.

  • Assistance in preparation of tender issue documentation.
  • Meet with and liaise with all relevant parties including governments and authorities including local councils, water and sewer, electrical, state government departments and other consultants.
  • Multi-disciplinary organisation with leading-edge software resources and technical excellence, combining both structural and civil design.
  • End-to-end project management.
  • Invaluable expertise across wide spectrum of industries – hospitality, retail, residential, business services - acquired through 30 years of experience.
  • Comprehensive range of services including concept design, design development, detailed design and construction services.


Challenge Meets Solution. Advantages Deliver Outcomes

Commercial projects can entail complexities as a result of a number of factors from the land condition and zoning, through to the intended final use of the project and with the multiple organisations, consultants and authorities involved. MIEngineers simplifies the complexities!

  • An enviable reputation for exceptional working relationships with all levels of government and authorities including local councils, utilities, water, sewer, electrical and state government departments and authorities.
  • Our local knowledge and international expertise brings value to commercial projects.
  • Not limited to only their technical expertise, our diverse and highly skilled team utilise highly creative thinking to develop solutions to the seemingly insolvable.
  • Accessibility to your consultants and quick communication can impact project feasibility. The size of our firm and the constant presence of senior personnel, ensures clients receive prompt attention and enjoy clear, open and prompt communication channels.
  • Not only do we have an enviable reputation for good working relationships with external parties, our internal workings are equally smooth and efficient. Our team have considerable experience in working together to deliver our full range of services to your project with ease and efficiency.
  • Our well-earned reputation inspires our clients with confidence and the assurance that we will deliver the best possible outcomes.
  • To meet the complexities and challenges of commercial projects, we offer both an end-to-end solution or discrete services, with support from your choice of either a full project team or a sole project manager.


Proven Capabilities. Impressive Project Portfolio

Through the successful delivery of multiple commercial projects for local government, architects, builders, developers and contractor clients, we have proven our wide-ranging capabilities. Capabilities which extend across the spectrum of commercial projects including hotels, motels, food outlets, retail, office and business premises, mixed-use buildings, medium to high density residential of multi-levels with multiple facilities including carparks.


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