Anson Street, St Georges Basin

South Coast, NSW
Total Project Value: 
$2 million

This project involved design and construction of the Anson Street extension including road construction and associated drainage, services relocations, footpaths and line marking.

MIEngineers was commissioned to provide civil design and construction inspection and certification services.

A major challenge for the project involved the Council concept design plans which required construction of the stormwater drainage system within the carriageway of Island Point Road and also through an existing hotel carpark with associated driveway.

We addressed the issue by revising the design of the stormwater drainage system to enable the majority of the system to be contained within the proposed road network. In order to achieve this, the drainage system was installed at greater depths despite the potential for excavation in rock. The benefit of revising the drainage design was greater than the additional costs associated with construction of the drainage line and was therefore adopted. This solution provided both cost and time savings for the client due to the majority of the stormwater drainage system being constructed within a Greenfield site. This resulted in reduced impact of the works on the existing hotel and shops fronting Island Point Road.