Ellerton Drive Extension

Queanbeyan, NSW


The Project

Construction of a 4km extension of Ellerton Drive to a two, three and four-lane road including slip lanes and upgrades to intersecting streets. Other features of the project include:

  • 0.5 km upgrade of existing Ellerton Drive.
  • A new bridge over Queanbeyan River.
  • 2.5 metre off-road shared paths for cyclists and pedestrians on the western side of Ellerton Drive.
  • Minor amendments to existing traffic lights.
  • Provision of culverts including a pedestrian underpass.

Our Services

  • Provide a staging design and brief report on the feasibility of the proposed staging, highlighting areas of concern or at risk.
  • Prepare a P6 program for undertaking the works, identifying the proposed contract period and critical path.
  • Investigate options for impact on reduction inprogram as a result of varying levels of construction access including an estimate on project cost savings.
  • Review and updatetender documentation to meet contract objectives.
  • Prepareschedule of estimated quantities, schedule of prices and schedule of rates for inclusion in tender documentation.
  • Pre-tender estimate.
  • Independent verification of tender documents.
  • Respond to RFIs regarding tender documentation.