HW23 Newcastle Inner City Bypass - Shortland to Sandgate

Newcastle, NSW
Total Project Value: 

The Newcastle Inner City Bypass between the Pacific Highway at Bennetts Green and Sandgate is a long-standing scheme to provide an orbital road to link Newcastle’s road network. The principal function of the bypass is to provide improved traffic flow in the inner western suburbs of the city. 

There were a number of environmental aspects to the project that needed to be considered when programming the work. These included:

  • the adjacent Hexham Wetlands which are subject to periodic flooding and therefore at risk of flooding during construction;
  • the project was in an environmentally sensitive area with habitat for the Green and Gold Bell Frog and other frog species. The works needed to be performed in a manner to ensure the protection of frog habitat;
  • management of extremely heavy traffic to minimise the disruption to traffic and adjacent residents and businesses throughout the duration of the contract;
  • site materials comprised low lying alluvial sands, silts and clays, which were very susceptible to moisture, requiring careful attention to earthworks and materials management.

NSW Roads and Maritime Services (formerly RTA) commissioned MIEngineers to undertake a review of the tender documentation for the project to advise if the programme was generally acceptable and conformed to contractual requirements, and advise strategies for implementation to overcome any potential issues. Through this process, MIEngineers was able to advise the client of issues to consider in order to avoid programme delays.  

Roads and Maritime Services (RMS) also engaged MIEngineers as the Independent Estimator for construction of the project in order to provide an informed, unbiased view of the cost estimates prepared by the Alliance, and also to challenge and validate assumptions, logic and the cost basis used by Alliance personnel in the development of their cost estimates.