Lower Thames Crossing, UK

Kent, United Kingdom


The Lower Thames Crossing is one of the largest highways infrastructure projects currently in development in the UK.
A preferred route has been announced for the scheme which will provide a new crossing of the Thames estuary, connecting Essex and Kent. The scheme is estimated to cost between £4.4 bn and £6.2 bn and includes:

  • A new bored tunnel crossing under the River Thames east of Gravesend and Tilbury.
  • A new highway north of the river which will join the M25 between Junctions 29 and 30
    and connect to the tunnel via the A13.
  • A new highway south of the river which will join the A2 east of Gravesend.


Our Services

Lead Estimator – capex, opex and lifecycle costs.

The MIEngineers Group has produced capex, opex and lifecycle cost estimates for the scheme for business case assessments and appraisal of alternative route options, including immersed tunnel and major bridge crossings.

We are currently providing specialist estimating services and assisting the development of the cost plan for the scheme.