M12 Motorway Route Options

Southwest Sydney, NSW


The Project

The proposed M12 Motorway will act as a major connection from the proposed Western Sydney Airport at Badgerys Creek to the existing M7 Motorway and, by extension, the greater Sydney motorway network. The strategic design options all include twin, 3-lane carriageways separated by an earthen median approximately 14 kilometres long with an alignment which commences at the M7 on the eastern most interface to the Northern Rd on the western most interface.

Our Services

MIEngineers undertook nine strategic options estimates for varying motorway alignments to assist in the determination of a preferred route. Estimating work included (but is not limited to):

  • multiple bridges, ramp interchanges, retaining walls and smart motorway infrastructure
  • utility adjustments
  • major earthworks
  • property acquisitions
  • contingency assessment
  • probabilistic estimates (P50 and P90) including Monte Carlo Simulation to determine a construction risk profile
  • an assessment of constructability issues and restraints.