Minimbah Bank Third Track

NSW Central Coast


The Project

Construction of an approximate 10km length of third rail track from Minimbah to Whittingham with a view to improve reliability and capacity of the Hunter Valley Rail Network to Newcastle.

Our Services

MIEngineers was originally appointed to develop a detailed probabilistic (Monte Carlo) risk based cost estimate for the Construct Only project; however, the client then sought to change the delivery to an Alliance model which expanded MIEngineers’ role to include the development of a related procurement method. To assist this process, MIEngineers organised, facilitated and documented value engineering, risk and cost estimate workshops with appropriate project team members.

MIEngineers was subsequently contracted as an Independent Estimator to provide an independent review of cost reforecast by conducting a high-level review of the supplied information to determine the cost centres that were key contributors to an overall increase in project costs.

With the aid of MIEngineers’ estimating and risk expertise, the Australian Rail Track Corporation was able to successfully achieve the required outcomes to the satisfaction of all stakeholders.