Quality Assurance

Quality is the cornerstone of everything we do. We have formalised our Integrated Management System, setting up and training our staff in the practice standards that ensure our clients, suppliers and stakeholders continue to benefit from the level of performance they have come to expect from us.

Quality Assurance

MIEngineers operates to a Quality System that meets the requirements of ISO 9001–2008. All work is closely managed according to the processes and checks required under this Standard. MIEngineers maintain third party accreditation for our current Quality Management System (Certification No: FS 541006).

Extensive hands-on project experience means that our team has an excellent grasp of the types of issues that can arise during the course of a project. This enables us to anticipate these issues at the beginning of a project and take measures to ensure they are avoided or mitigated. While we believe that prevention is better than cure, we sensibly allow for contingencies in case of unforeseen issues. This precautionary measure protects the interests of all stakeholders.

Work Health and Safety (WHS)

MIEngineers has implemented a Work Health and Safety Management System in compliance with the WHS Act 2011 and WHS Regulations 2012. MIEngineers maintain third party accreditation (Certification No: OHS 541009) and is dedicated to providing a safe work environment by conducting regular training and reviews of work practices.

Environmental Management

MIEngineers has implemented an Environmental Management System in compliance with ISO14001-2004 and is committed to complying with the Environment Protection Act (1970) for all contracts undertaken. We intend to achieve formal accreditation by June 2015.