Constructability Advice

Bridging the knowledge gap with specialist constructability expertise and strategic capabilities for more efficient, safer construction.

Where there is limited construction expertise within design teams to deliver key infrastructure and capital works programs, the expert constructability team at MIEngineers has the capabilities and knowledge of construction and design issues to bridge the gap. This ensures infrastructure designs are practical, efficient and safe to construct and issues before construction are identified.

Constructability Advice Service. Leading Capabilities

MIEngineers supports and augments client resources with an expert level of design and construction capabilities across a wide range of construction techniques.

  • Expertise in both design and construction
  • Facilitation of Constructability, Risk and HSiD Workshops during the design phase
  • Construction staging advice including the preparation of Staging Drawings and Staging Reports
  • Strategic methodology advice and consultation
  • Leading capabilities in constructability assessments, earthworks management, construction staging and programming, earthworks quantities, design management and traffic control
  • Manage design teams and undertaken consultation with designers, engineers, project managers and contractors
  • Strategic management of earthworks and staging of works

Expert Team. Achieving Safety and Efficiency Benefits

Our expert constructability team has extensive expertise and on-site experience in the delivery of major capital works programmes and nationally significant infrastructure projects with measurable benefits and outcomes to our clients.

  • Realise more efficient construction
  • Safer construction methodology
  • Reduction in project costs
  • Reduced potential for contractor claims
  • Reduce tension between contractor and clients
  • By adopting standard ‘easy’ methodologies, less stress is placed on workers.


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