Evaluate possibilities, identify gaps and capture client intentions in writing contracts that mitigate risk, minimise costs and maximise savings and project productivity.

Drafting or amending a contract for a major project requires professionalism and precision to ensure comprehensive coverage of all eventualities. Drawing on our design heritage and years of experience in identifying design gaps that could lead to contractual problems MIEngineers provides a comprehensive Contract Administration Services that clearly captures the client’s intentions, provides an efficient mechanism to address issues and effectively mitigates situations that may potentially arise.


Specialist Contract Writing Service

Through our extensive experience, especially with the AS2000 suite and TfNSW GC21 contracts, our specialist contract writing team provides clients with a thorough and inclusive service, focussed solely on drafting the most suitable contract for their specific project.

  • Our process starts with listening to our clients so we fully understand their objectives and can capture their true intentions in the contract.
  • Evaluate scenarios including delay, design changes, stakeholder and community issues and wide-ranging potential risks and provide a mechanism, ie precise contract wording, to address these issues.
  • Identify design gaps that could lead to contractual issues and advise on the best possible solution to address the issues.
  • Review contract wording, incorporating specifics or your job and utilising our experience and knowledge in that sector, to reduce the likelihood of an issue arising.
  • Evaluate the contract to ensure all eventualities are covered and reveal any further limitations and omissions before further client discussions and final amendments.
  • We provide clients with the Contract, Draft RFT package and Specifications.


Contract Administration Services

  • Independent Pre-Tender Contract Review: a valuable resource for review of tender documentation and identification of any areas that require alteration before submission.
  • Tender Evaluation: assist clients in determining the right tender parameters for each project.
  • Contract Management: independent, comprehensive review of the contractual and substantiation documents for any claim and confidently advise on the best approach to the situation.


Minimise Risk. Maximise Advantage

Our Contracts services are specifically structured to deliver real benefits and positive outcomes to our clients.

  • Reduce avenues for Contractor claims.
  • Reduce financial outlay to deliver time and money savings to the project.
  • Increased confidence that clients are not overwhelmed with unnecessary issues.
  • Ensure only legitimate claims are allowed.
  • Create a more fair and reasonable platform for all parties.
  • Minimise tension between client and contractor to facilitate a better working environment.
  • Alleviate the daunting task of analysing documents and selecting winning tenderers.


Valued Service. Local and Global Projects

Major organisations including road and rail authorities, government infrastructure agencies and global consulting engineering firms, value our extensive contract administration experience, which is underpinned by our expertise in design, total cost engineering and risk management, and our ability to identify and mitigate risk factors from the outset.

  • Our on-site and contracting experience is instrumental in identifying potential issues that may arise during the construction stages and advise on possible solutions.
  • We are able to draw upon our extensive industry experience and our team of skilled estimators, programmers and risk professionals to help determine the most suitable tender based on the parameters set by the client.
  • Professionally trained contracts team are supported by a team of estimators, construction programmers and risk professionals.
  • Commitment to continual professional development and best practice.
  • Innovative and responsive service, with focus on meeting individual needs for optimal outcomes.
  • High quality service delivery highlighted by quick response times.


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Our Services

From engineering design and cost engineering to programming to delivery of projects, MIEngineers provides high quality, leading technology, consulting services across key practice areas. Offering infrastructure authorities, designers, contractors, architects as well as property and project owners substantial value-added services with the choice of comprehensive or specific solutions for their projects.


Highly Qualified Team. Open Communication. Exceptional Service.

With broad experience and impressive depth of expertise, our highly qualified team is dedicated to providing clients with exceptional services and service. Providing open and clear communications, availability, streamlined project management through the entire life of the project, handling all aspects to ensure cost-effective, on budget, on deadline and exceeding expectation delivery.

  • Enviable reputation for developing and implementing structural and civil design solutions that are innovative, practical and economic, that achieve client objectives, are environmentally sustainable and comply with all current and relevant Australian Standards.
  • Appreciate the value of long term, collaborative and cooperative working relationships with clients, contractors and the community.
  • Guide and advise clients through the concept design phase to project completion, including:
  • Preliminary Design Advice
  • Detailed Design and Documentation
  • Design and Construction Certification
  • Construction Advice
  • Site Inspections