Project Management

Empowering clients, through comprehensive project management, to deliver projects on time, on budget and with a professional edge.

MIEngineers provides a comprehensive project management for projects from small to large scale, in both urban and regional areas for clients facing a range of challenges in personally managing every stage of their projects. 

Project Management Service. Managing the Challenges

There are numerous circumstances where a client may not be in a position to manage their entire project and engaging MIEngineers Project Management services is a proven solution to achieving an on-time, on-budget outcome while meeting the demands of many stakeholders.

  • Reliable, consistent and stable service to handle numerous large-scale projects at any one time. Relieving the pressure on clients without sufficient resources to handle multiple projects.
  • Our regional reach is especially beneficial to clients who are responsible for large areas. We have the resources to have someone ‘on-the-ground’, running the project on a daily basis and reporting back with updates, status and other information at regular intervals. 
  • Experienced personnel, who are skilled in dealing with the full range of subcontractors and professions involved in civil/structural construction projects alleviate the pressure on clients and enable them to receive well-informed and easily understood updates on the true status of their project.
  • Local knowledge is often critical to the smooth running of a project. Our project management team have specific knowledge of key locales which can be highly beneficial when dealing with local council requirements and local subcontractors.
  • Completing the process from design through to construction. After completing a design, our project management team can proceed to manage the next stages including the tender documentation and construction phase, with a full, in-depth understanding of the specific requirements or your project.

Management with Benefits

Our Project Management service is tailored to suit individual client requirements and delivers extensive benefits.

  • Professional management for on time and on budget outcomes.
  • Being on site, allows our team to deal with issues in a timely and efficient manner which not only streamlines process but may prevent potential disputes and problems.
  • Clients appreciate the peace of mind and confidence in the knowledge that a professional, with experience in their industry, from a company with over 30 years of experience, is managing the project.
  • Augments existing skills and knowledge of the client’s organisation and frees up their resources to work on other projects and tasks.
  • Ensure the most current information, innovations and processes are being utilised.


Contact MIEngineers for an obligation-free discussion on using our services to project manage your next project or take over the running of an existing project, locally or in a regional area.