Workshop Facilitation

Developing knowledgeable, collaborative project teams through expert leadership and engaging, interactive workshop facilitation.

MIEngineers is committed to supporting organisations to develop their projects through informative and productive workshops. Facilitating all aspects, customising content to specific client issues and sharing real project experience, the MIEngineers workshop presenters connect and engage with diverse groups to work towards a common goal.

Workshop Facilitation. Expert Leaders.

MIEngineers Workshop Facilitation is designed to communicate, inform and instruct project teams on specific project and industry issues and cultivate a collaborative and cooperative culture within the team.

Facilitation can be provided for:

  • Constructability Workshops.
  • Health and Safety in Design Workshops.
  • GC21 Start-up Workshops.
  • Risk Workshops.

Unique aspects of our service:

  • Detailed and well-prepared documentation is delivered by entertaining and engaging presenters.
  • Workshops are presented by professionals in leadership and facilitation, experienced in working with diverse groups from varying professional, cultural and skill backgrounds.
  • Detail, duration and depth of each workshop is tailored to the specifics and size of each project.


Sharing Real Project Experience.

Clients appreciate that our workshops are productive and engaging because they are prepared and presented by highly trained, highly skilled, highly intuitive facilitators who have real project experience to share with your project team.

Facilitators who genuinely know what they are talking about, know where issues can happen on a project, know the real challenges faced by clients and have the intuition to identify attitudes and issues with individuals. Ensuring both clients and each individual attendee receives value from every workshop.

  • Data is collected into a register, with high quality documentation to utilise.
  • Workshops are formatted to be engaging and inclusive, so each attendee feels comfortable and involved.
  • Open and honest communication is facilitated before, during and after the workshop.
  • Effective contributions are prompted from participants.
  • Professionally organised, effectively set up to ensure smooth-running sessions.
  • All the necessary arrangements are attended to.
  • Goal and process oriented focus, fostering an interactive environment.


Contact MIEngineers for an obligation-free discussion on how our Workshop Facilitation can deliver engaging, informative and productive sessions and collaboration, cooperation and knowledge in your project team.